Liquid ammonia filling precautions


(1) Ammonia personnel should be qualified after passing the safety education and training of the system. They should be familiar with the performance, characteristics, operation method, attachment structure, working principle and dangerous characteristics of liquid ammonia and emergency disposal measures.
(2) Before filling, the tank inspection verification, tanker use certificate, driver's license, escort certificate, and transport permit shall be verified. The safety accessories shall be sensitive and qualified; the pressure in the tank truck before filling shall not be less than 0.05. MPa; the performance of the ammonia-connected pipe should be checked to be in good condition.
(3) The ammonia-filling personnel shall strictly implement the operating procedures of the liquid ammonia storage tank. When filling, it should be noted that the filling amount does not exceed 0.85 of the storage tank volume.
(4) Persons carrying ammonia should wear gas masks and protective gloves; the site should be equipped with fire-fighting and gas-proof equipment; during the filling period, they should not leave the site, and strengthen the inspection tank pressure, whether there are leaks or leaks in the pipe flange, etc. The tank car gas shall be recycled to the system accordingly, and shall not be discharged arbitrarily. If there is any abnormal situation such as leakage, the filling shall be stopped immediately, and effective measures shall be taken to prevent accidents.
(5) Daily inspection of ammonia installation facilities, measures, and procedures, and inspection and filling records.