How to recycle liquid ammonia waste gas, Shunjia Chemical has something to say


The liquid ammonia finishing process has exhaust gas discharge, and its composition is water vapor, air and ammonia gas. The ammonia gas is a harmful gas, which affects the health polluting environment. To reduce emissions and strengthen recycling, on the one hand, the cost can be reduced. Protect the environment.
The recovery of ammonia has an absorption method, and the gas discharged from the liquid ammonia finishing machine is piped to a washing tower (absorption tower) of the recovery device, and the ammonia gas mixed with air is absorbed into the ammonia water in the tower, and the air is at this time. It is washed and discharged outside the tower, and then the ammonia and water are separated by a distillation tower. The ammonia is distilled and absorbed to form concentrated ammonia water, and the concentrated ammonia water is rectified to form concentrated ammonia gas, and then the concentrated ammonia gas is pressurized and condensed and cooled by the compressor. Add liquid ammonia and enter the storage tank.
In the ammonia recovery unit, there is an exhaust port at the top of the scrubber, and it is necessary to control the ammonia content in the exhaust gas, which is lower than the environmental protection requirement. In the whole recycling system, the “three low and one pressure” technology of low pressure absorption, low pressure rectification, low temperature water removal and compression condensation is creatively applied, which simplifies equipment and saves energy. The method is operated under low temperature and low pressure, and the safety factor is Large, it also helps to reduce maintenance power. There are mainly washing towers (absorption towers), rectification towers, compressors, condensers, and liquid ammonia storage tanks.