Guónèi liúsuān shìchǎng hángqíng fèn xī 10/5000 Domestic sulfuric acid market analysis


At present, the domestic sulfuric acid market as a whole maintains a weak market, the overall operating rate of sulfuric acid production enterprises is about 70%, the company's inventory is reasonable, and the performance of the goods is mixed. At present, the mainstream ex-factory price of smelting acid market in East China is around 300-350 yuan/ton, the mainstream price of 98% mineral acid is 300-360 yuan/ton, and 98% sulfuric acid is trading at 340-430 yuan/ton.

The upstream sulfur market as a whole weakened, the port inventory was sufficient, the inquiries were less, the actual transaction volume was insufficient, and the industry was more cautious on the market operation; the export volume of downstream ammonium phosphate plants was stable, and domestic fertilizer manufacturers demanded sulfuric acid procurement. However, the sulfuric acid analyst of the business community expects that the domestic sulfuric acid market may continue to be stable in the short term, and the price fluctuation is relatively small.